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We dont have 35 diferent strains from Connoisseur-genetics in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Cheese Dog stock:Available
Cheese n Chaze stock:Available
Cheese n Chong stock:Available
Chem Jones stock:Available
Chemmy Jones stock:Available
Chemwreck Kush stock:Available
Fuel stock:Available
Grandaddy Haze stock:Available
Grandaddy Purple S1 stock:Available
Grandoggy Purps stock:Available
Grateful Casey stock:Available
Hey Dave stock:Available
Hippy Private Stash stock:Available
Labrador stock:Available
Lem Chem stock:Available
NYC Jones stock:Available
OG Chem stock:Available
OG Chem Haze stock:Available
OG Jones stock:Available
Connoisseur Genetics stock:Available
Purple Cheddar stock:Available
Purple Cheech stock:Available
Rainbow Jones stock:Available
Secret Recipe stock:Available
Sour Hazy Jones stock:Available
SSSDH stock:Available
SSSG stock:Available
Stink Bomb stock:Available
Strawberries and Cream stock:Available
Strawberry Dog Shit stock:Available
The White stock:Available
The White Jones stock:Available
Titanium stock:Available
UK Chem stock:Available